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If you're one of those people who post in the comments seeking company, why don't you try the Message Board?

The bandwidth problem seems to have fixed itself and even reported false things in my favor. Anyway, some people have said some good things about FreeWebs, so I may try them sometime. Their bandwidth isn't that great, but they give you 100 mb banner and add free! Suggestions go to or chat on aim with me as TailsPrower3224.

Sonic Robo Blast 2, a game similar to Quake 3 Arena but uses the Sonic characters. It also has a few more ideas implemented and has great multiplayer options. Get it at
My counter traffic tells me that I get a majority of Internet Explorer users, and few Netscape users. This may be because I don't do many thing Netscape friendly (because I don't know what parts of javascript it isn't supporting). I suppose this drives the NetScape users away or made them pull out their IEs. There are other browsers that can interpret javascript just as well as IE (I think), but only IE understands VBScript. Is that a step too far? Perhaps it is if you are not an IE user. Tell me what you think. I'm just learning VBScript, and I'd like to try it out. But since not everyone can use it, I won't go overboard.